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This platform, and my entire life's work is sharing & teaching others so they can live a life full of what lights them up inside.  I've spent most of my adult life distracted by being busy. And when I've slowed down long enough to take time for myself, I would feel guilty because it was time I could have been spending with my kids, my husband, my get the idea.  For me, self-love felt selfish.  It took a big dose of reality for me to realize this was actually the complete OPPOSITE.  

Life Coach with a focus on personal development using self-love & self-discovery. Highly intuitive. Pattern-recognizer aficionado.

I'm Tammie Gilchrist

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I was introduced to guided journaling while in therapy just over a decade ago. Guided Journaling, as hard as it was at times, really helped stir up emotions for me, emotions I would have otherwise stuffed down to a safe, out of the way place.  

Now it's your turn to start writing! Staring at a blank page can be overwhelming, because I have been there too.  I wrote this entire free 3-month long guided journal for you, and it's FREE! 

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